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JVCKENWOOD is focused on delivering the highest quality, cost effective P25 solutions that are smarter and simpler. Because when the mission is critical and every second counts, no one has time for complexities.



FROM Kenwood

Our EFJohnson portable and mobile radios meet ALL P25 Mission Critical Standards and are fully compatible with Motorola® encryption.  EFJohnson radios offer your Police, Fire or EMS department the best radios for the best price.

Westcom's repeater network can effectively and affordably keep everyone in your business connected.  

Westcom is the area's leading Kenwood dealer and offers your company the best selection and price on all radios. Westcom's own ZTel radio line fits into all company budgets.

Proudly Serving











Joe Calabrace

Delmont Borough Police Dept

Ed Grant

Penn Township Ambulance

William Daher

Criterion Security Supervisor


We have received new VP400 radios, through speaking with my officers they really like them.  The emergency button on the mic is a fantastic feature and the digital display on the top of the radio is nice so you can always see what channel you are on without pulling the radio out of its holster.  We have found that the battery life in the radios last a lot longer than our prior ones.  The connectivity is strong and the transmissions are clear.  Lastely the surveillance button has and will come in handy in the future when entering a building.  

In late September of 2016, Penn Township Ambulance placed in service 6 VP400 portable radios and 3 Viking Dual Head mobile radios.  The installation was very accommodating.  The radio operates on the county’s 700/800 Mhz trunking system flawlessly.  I am very satisfied with the support Westcom has provide to us as we transitioned to the new radios.


I was assigned by my PPG  supervisor years ago to find a reputable company that can fulfill our needs with radios. Westcom was the company that pledged they could do what we needed.  What went beyond the commitment of what they could do was their people.  They are excellent over the phone, committed to their jobs and know their jobs.  In person they are equally excellent.  My company is extremely happy with Westcom.  We have many radios on site.  I like ordering items from them just to have an excuse to stop by and see them.  They are excellent.   

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