With a large color display and small form factor, the reliable and robust TK-5x30 series offers clear mission critical communications in extreme and hazardous environments.

Public Safety & Administrative Radios

Westcom's Kenwood line offers a wide variety of VHF, UHF and 700/800 radios to fit your department's needs.

Despite their compact lightweight design, these handheld radios are fully equipped for both digital and analog operating modes. The clear backlit display and ergonomic layout of the controls enhance operating ease, while the rugged MIL-STD construction ensures all-weather reliability.

NX-220/320 VHF&UHF 5W radios deliver a cost benefit, full-featured digital portable radio solution to enterprise, local government and SMR subscribers. Analog, NXDN® conventional, and NXDN® trunking, are included in all models. 

As smart in operation as they are in looks, these NX-700/800 radios feature everything necessary to take full advantage of both digital and analog operating modes. Mobile users will appreciate the large dot-matrix LCD, intuitive controls and multi-scan capabilities.

The new TK-2312/3312 is thin and compact yet packed with features for intuitive operation, impressive performance, and all-weather reliability. Front and side programmable function keys allow for customized convenience, and KENWOOD’s renowned audio clarity means the message gets through loud and clear.

TK-2180/3180 defines a bold new standard for portable radio performance, scoring high marks for operating ease, versatility and reliability.

KENWOOD employed premium industrial design concepts to make the TK-7180H/7180/8180H/8180 mobiles functionally practical, rugged and attractive whether vehicle or station installed.

A large display and easy to use features make's the NX-720/820 an ideal mobile for everyday operations.


Round-the-clock public safety operations can be extremely demanding for both personnel and equipment.  The reliable NX-5700/5800 mobile radios offer clear mission critical communications for police, fire and EMS.

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