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Viking Portables

At just under 5.5 inches tall, these small Viking portable radios are packed with advanced features for today's public safety agencies.

Viking VP5000 Portable Radio


  • Fully ruggedized - IP67/68 & MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G

  • Full key models (w/numeric keypad) & standard key models (w/o numeric keypad)

  • Large, color 1.74” (240 x 180 pixels) Transflective TFT Display for better use in direct sunlight & with use of polarized sunglasses

  • Multi-line text

  • 4-way Directional-pad (D-pad) & A/B Switch for intuitive control

  • Built-In GPS Receiver/Antenna for enhanced situational awareness

  • Optional 256-bit AES Encryption

  • TrueVoice™ Noise Cancellation

  • Over-The-Air Rekeying (OTAR)

  • ARC4™ software encryption; compatible with ADP™

  • P25 Phase 1 trunked/conventional & P25 Phase 2 trunked

  • Trunked & conventional system protocols

  • MDC-1200 & GE-Star signaling

  • Compatible with Motorola® SMARTNET® II/ SmartZone®

  • Mixed Protocol Zones (each channel in a zone can be from a different system)



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